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Our Story

ArcTangent Dance had its first rehearsal in February 2018 under the direction of Arielle Cole. Through identifying emotions and experiences in her own life and those around her, Arielle’s artistic projects are specific to her own experience, yet abstract enough for the viewer to project their own story and idea. She gathered dancers who also share a dream of creating a more vibrant dance community in San Jose and surrounding cities.

In October of 2018, the company had its world premiere at Dance Mission Theatre in San Francisco, CA in PERSpectives Dance Company’s annual concert. From there, ArcTangent Dance has been invited to perform at various performances and festivals throughout the Bay Area. In September 2019, ArcTangent became a part of the RAW program at SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts in San Francisco and held its first evening length performance alongside spoken word artist, SevanKelee Boult.

In 2020, ArcTangent Dance had plans to deepen its presence in the South Bay Area through local shows. However, in light stay-at-home measures from Covid-19, work shifted to screendance work. ​With a grant from Li Chiao-Ping Dance Company, ArcTangent Dance created "We Have Arrived Nowhere (Chromatic Sonata)" which was also featured in the Nahn-Ho Project's 2021 online showcase.​

ArcTangent returned to live performance with "Ode to Hetch Hetchy." An excerpt was premiered at Mills College in November 2021, and again as an evening-length piece in February 2022 to a sold-out audience at SAFEhouse in San Francisco. In Fall 2022, ArcTangent collaborated with Peninsula Symphony Orchestra and writer Carol Wolf on a reimagined version of Stravinsky's "A Soldier's Tale."


Currently, ArcTangent is collaborating with filmmaker Kimber Neely to create an immersive, Virtual Reality work exploring the emotions and history of colors. Stay tuned for the premiere!


ArcTangent Dance partnered with nonprofit, Local Color SJ, as a Local Commons member in Winter 2022 to further its mission of creating dance that further connects people to themselves and humanity.


A List of our Work

Visit our Vimeo to see us in action.



Premiered in 2021

Exploring water scarcity and our relationship to a necessary yet limited rescue, "Ode to Hetch Hetchy" was our first live performance after COVID-19. 

A small excerpt was first presented at Mills College on a bridge over a campus creek in November 2021. The full length version was performed in February 2022 to a sold out audience at SAFEhouse in San Francisco. 



Started in 2020

What will one day become a full evening length piece, there are currently three excerpts in existence.

The first piece, "Achromatic Etude #1" was performed at Sunnyvale Community Center before Covid-19 in early 2020.

The second piece, "We Have Arrived Nowhere (Chromatic Sonata)" is a screendance created during the lockdown caused by Covid-19, made possible by a grant from Li Chiao-Ping Dance Company's SEED Creation Fund.

The color red is explored in the piece, #D62220, which first showed at Dance Mission Theater in Harvest: Fall Choreographer's Showcase in 2022. 

Stay tuned for the next round of colors.



Premiered in 2019

Our largest work to date, excerpts of this piece have appeared at De Anza College, Consumnes Oaks Performance Art Center and as a screendance. We had our full length premiere at SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts in San Francisco, CA.

The piece is comprised of:

"Felt Cute, Might Delete Later"

"Felt Cute, Might Delete Later..idk" (screendance version)




Premiered in 2019

This piece has been performed at Eastridge Mall in San Jose, CA, the Sunnyvale Community Center in Sunnyvale, CA, and the Meydenbauer Center in Seattle, WA.



Premiered in 2018

Our very first piece. This has been performed at Dance Mission Brigade in San Francisco, Douglas Morrisson Theatre in Hayward, CA, and the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. 

This piece is a modifiable solo, meaning it can be performed as a solo, duet, trio or more.

It is currently being created into a screendance.


Premiered 2022

Presented by Peninsula Symphony Orchestra's Canvas Music Series.

ArcTangent Dance performed a new libretto written by Carol Wolf, as well as performed original choreography by Arielle Cole and dancers.

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